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Kawsar Ali
2 min readJun 9, 2016
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You love Buffer, I love Buffer, everybody loves Buffer. It is a great webapp to manage all of your social media profiles. I use Buffer religiously for work every day. However, for personal use since they allow only a couple of profiles it was not a big appeal to me. Last week I was trying to get back to using Buffer and saw that they took off the RSS feature?

I swear this feature used to be free. Anyhow, that irked me a little since I did not want to pay $10.00 a month for that. However, I highly recommend Buffer if you are an avid social media junkie and it is worth every penny. If you google you will see so many Quora threads asking the same questions but I did find not answer I was looking for.

After a lot of google and research, Enter Stacker. A similar yet little different take on managing social media accounts. It’s been around for a while. Not sure why it’s not more well-known.


  • Easy to manage column view
  • Add rss feeds to share content
  • Detailed reports
  • See all the detailed features and pricing here


  • No Bit.ly integration !
  • UI needs a getting bit used to
  • Only android app

Now, this is not a detailed review. So, if you want to judge for yourself I would suggest give it a try. I have been using for the last couple of days and it works great. Stacker has a content suggestions sections that need more sources.

As a free Buffer alternative, that allows rss feed content curation Stacker is useful. Is there a different social media curation app you prefer?

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