Online Tools Guaranteed to Save You Time for Your Next Project

Kawsar Ali
4 min readJun 18, 2021

Do you love saving time and being efficient?

Online Tools Guaranteed to Save You Time for Your Next Project
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Some tasks in your everyday workflow can be tedious and time consuming. For example: removing background from an image. I love using web apps to speed up my workflow in scenarios like this. These tools harness the power of internet AI in some cases and get things done quickly.

In this post, I will be sharing useful online tools and web apps that will save you some manual work for sure.

Convert Text Case

There are various circumstances when you need to change your text’s case. For example: copying text from email to PowerPoint, copying content to from Word to your Content Management System (CMS). Don’t waste a minute of your time trying to do that word by word. Live a little and use these tools below to change text chase from lower case to sentence case, title case, and more.

Remove Image/Video Background in Seconds

Wasting hours on Photoshop trying to remove that one pixel from your headshot or sky background? Let these AI and web tools do it for you within seconds. There are so many of these online background removal tools and I have tested almost everyone one of them.

Screengrab via Pixlr
  • Pixlr — my number one pick so far. Allows you to download high-resolution version as well.
  • — paid account required for large image size.
  • Adobe background remover — adobe has entered the chat. besides removing background, there are other features such as touch-up, crop, background blur and more.
  • Unscreen — remove video from background or gif. (Free version limited to 5–10 seconds

Find a Deleted Website/Webpage

We all have run into this issue. You saved a recipe or an article that you meant to look at later and forgot about. Weeks or months go by and finally, one day you remembered and wanted to try out the recipe. Only to find out the link is now giving you a 404 or not found error. Oh shucks! Fear not, I got you covered. Using this method, I restored some of old blog posts.

  • Wayback Machine — open source internet archive which stores pretty much all the major websites.
  • — Google’s cache view checker.

Useful Image/Video Content Tool

These ones are for my digital marketing, content marketing and video folks. Some tasks in the digital and video editing world takes more time then they should.

Photo via ImageColorizer
  • Free Soundwave Video Maker — Have you ever seen a Vox Media video where they have a soundwave overlaid in the clip? You can use Adobe Premier or Rush to create something like that, which can be time consuming. If you are in a time crunch, try this cool web tool. Upload your audio clip and this web tools will generate a video clip with soundwave, which can be great for social or video content. Pro tip — if you are working with a bad quality cell phone video and audio is acceptable, use this tool to mask the video.
  • ImageColorizer —Includes a bunch of useful AI powered photo editing tools, such as color enhance, restore and more.
  • Swink — Generate short links with stats and automatically branded QR codes.
  • Extract Image — an easy to use tool that allows you to extract, view and download images from any public website within minutes.

PDF Tools — Unlock, Compress, Convert

Let me if you have faced this scenario, because I have run into this issue so many times in my professional life. Someone emails you a PDF file to copy text and it’s locked. Don’t worry, use these handy and fast web tools to unlock, compress and convert PDF. — Unlock pdf files
Screengrab via
  • Smallpdf — remove password, merge, compress and convert PDF to doc file with one click.
  • — an useful website with lots of PDF related tools and more.
  • iLovePDF— all PDF tools you will ever need.

Transfer Files Between Devices

You got a file on your phone and you need to transfer it to your computer. Now, you can go through the old route of emailing the file to yourself or uploading it to Dropbox or Google Drive. Remember, we are cool 😎, smart and lazy. We get things done fast. Check out the web apps below to share files without uploading, downloading an app or signing up for an account.

  • — Simple and easy tool that allows you to instantly share files with people nearby. No downloads or sign up required.
  • Sharedrop — Free web app that allows you to transfer file without uploading to a server.

Protip — If you are an Apple user try iMessage/Airdrop to share files between devices. For any another platform try WhatsApp. To access Whatsapp on your computer use

Disclaimer: I would advise against using Whatsapp for “secure” work file.

Is there any web app that you use daily? Let me know in the comments. I hoping keep this list updated and don’t forget to share this post with your network.

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