How to Import and Backdate Your Offline Content on Medium?

Kawsar Ali
2 min readMay 25, 2021

You landed on this page because you have been googling for a while on how to move your content from your old CMS to Medium and backdate it. Medium provides an easy way to just enter your url and import the content if your website/blog is still live. There are a bunch of tutorials here and here that show you how to do that. However, what if your blog was completely offline for some reason?

In my scenario, I just stopped blogging (for the 20ᵗʰ time) and my WordPress site was offline. I did have access to the database files, but it would be hassle to go through setting up the WordPress site, import, and delete. Wayback Machine came to the rescue here. First, I checked if my content archive is available there and it was.

Wayback Machine Archive

Next, I download the whole HTML page/file to my local machine and uploaded it to my server. After that, I pointed the Medium importer to that url on the server and VOILA!

The post was imported to Medium and it was backdated as well. You can see one of the posts I imported here. Note: the images have to be manually uploaded or linked in your HTML file for Medium to scrape it.

Moving content from WordPress to Buffer

Let’s say your content is not available on Wayback Machine, you can try Cached View as an alternative. And the last option, if your content is not available on either website, is to set up your site on a test server and import that.



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